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Many people use the term “Alkaline Water” interchangeably with the term “Kangen Water®”, much the same way people refer to generic “facial tissue” as “Kleenex”. What is “Kangen Water”? Is there really an important difference between generic “Alkaline Water” and “Kangen Water”?  You will discover that there are distinguishing differences. While it is true that “Kangen Water®” is delicious tasting, pure, healthful alkaline water, it is much more than that. The word “Kangen” in Japanese means “return to origin” but the term “Kangen Water®” is actually the registered trademark of a 37-year old Japanese company called Enagic Corporation. Enagic Corporation is a pioneer and leader in Japanese water technology.

Enagic has been manufacturing premium water ionizers (often referred to as Kangen Water Machines) for many years in Japan. However Enagic only introduced its’ Kangen Water Ionizers to the American home market within the last few years. So in the last few years or so the word has spread, and now there are headquarters in India, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia, the Philippines, and South Korea.

The pH of Water: Acid to Alkaline Kangen Water® Ionizers convert the tap water coming from your faucet into two water outlets. One outlet has a large number of H+ ions while the other outlet has a large number of OH- ions. The water that is strong in H+ is Acidic while the OH- water is Alkaline. Several types of ionized water can be created by a high quality water ionizer.

Kangen Water Machines, for example, not only make 3 different ranges of Alkaline drinking Water  (8.5 pH, 9.0 pH, 9.5 pH), but these machines also make four other types of water. (1) Strong Acid (2) Acidic (3) Neutral (4) Strong Kangen.

These additional four different types of waters, with pH ranges from 2.5 pH to 11.5 pH, can be used for various purposes which include disinfecting, cooking, food preparation, hair and face washing, skin toning, and cleaning….and all with no harmful chemicals.

What is ORP? When Minus is a Plus!

It can be shown and measured that Kangen Water® produces a strong negative Oxidative Reduction Potential referred to as ORP. The stronger the negative value of ORP (measured in milliVolts) the better the water is in reducing oxidation. Because oxidation is the cause of the aging process, water with a strong negative ORP is considered better for good health. Do you realize that almost all types of drinking water regularly found in homes, restaurants and stores, including expensive bottled water, have a positive ORP in the range of +200 mV to + 300 or higher mV?

This indicates that most drinking water contributes to oxidation and aging.

Kangen Water®, on the other hand, is charged with concentrated numbers of OH- ions.  Kangen Water Machines can rate up to a negative -800 mV.(See comparison tests for pH and ORP for popular waters and beverages and Kangen Water.)


Product Comparisons in the Marketplace

It is vitally important to realize that not all water ionizers are the same. They vary widely in design,  capability, flow rate, pH and ORP results, service, and warranty. For example, the Enagic LeveLuk SD501  uses 7 solid medical grade, platinum coated titanium electrolysis plates with 490 sq. in. surface area

(which is over 4 times greater than the competitors) and uses 230 watts (most competitors only use 80 watts) in order to provide enough power to perform a sufficient quantity of electrolysis with reasonable flow rate. Large Kangen Machine plates by Enagic compared to smaller plates in competitor’s units Ionization quality is a function of how much electricity comes in contact with how much water, so these numbers are especially revealing. The Enagic LeveLuk SD501 produces “Kangen Water” with a consistently strong negative ORP measurement.

Don’t be misinformed by the cheaper assembly line “knock-offs” who say that their water ionizers make “Kangen Water®”. Your health and that of your family is at stake. Remember, all water ionizers are not the same just like all automobiles are not the same. There are Yugos and there are Rolls Royces.

Kangen Water Machines are, truly, the Rolls Royce of Water Ionizers. Each Kangen Water Machine is assembled individually by one technician and goes through a 22-point inspection by 5 different inspectors. The Enagic LeveLuk SD501 also comes with a 5-year FULL Warranty but it is built to last for 15 years. So to summarize, “Kangen Water®” is the registered trademark for water that is processed and  ionized  with Kangen Water Machines manufactured in Japan by the Enagic Corporation.

So don’t make the mistake of assuming that all “Alkalized Water” is “Kangen Water®”. “Kangen Water®” represents the Enagic technology and manufacturing capability, as well as the global support service that has allowed Enagic to sell over 500,000 Kangen Water Machines in Japan and North America.


Enagic International is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 13485 for quality control and environmental management, to the Water Quality Association Gold Seal for product certification, and a member in good standing of the prestigious Direct Selling Association.

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